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Destiny is a minor character in Trickster. She is Phil's newest girlfriend.


In Episode 1, Jared visits his father's house to talk and give him money. Phil’s girlfriend, Destiny, comes out of the bedroom and barely acknowledges Jared's arrival. She quickly retreats to the bathroom to vomit. Phil blames it on their bender last night, remarking that the only woman that could keep up with him was Jared’s mother.

The next day, Jared visits again and this time Destiny approaches and asks Jared to hold out his hand for a surprise. She drops a pregnancy test in his hand, announcing that she’s pregnant and that he’s going to be a brother. Though she mistakenly claims Jared is going to be an Uncle, Phil quickly corrects her. He wasn't aware of the pregnancy either and realizes that is why she was sick the other morning and not because she went too hard at the party. Jared is surprised and tells Phil to ignore his request about giving the money back. Before he can leave, Phil asks for more money now that he’s going to be a father.

Physical appearance[]

Destiny is a shorter woman with a slim build and long black hair. She has brown eyes and wears party-attire.


Episode appearances[]