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Dylan is a minor character in Trickster. He is a drug-addicted student who buys drugs off Jared.


In Episode 1, Dylan approaches Jared and Crashpad at school during their lunch break. He tells Crashpad to leave as he has grown-up matters to discuss with Jared. Crashpad ignores Dylan’s request and decides to stay. Dylan wants to know if Jared’s working tomorrow as he wants some extra salty fries, to which Jared agrees to give him them after six. Dylan begins to taunt Crashpad, but Jared intervenes. He leverages the extra salty fries in exchange for Dylan backing off Crashpad.

The next morning, Dylan heads to the Tasty Bucket where he orders extra salty fries from Jared. Jared packs the order and places a small baggie of drugs in the order. Dylan takes the order and pays before driving off. He throws a party later in the week in which Jared and Crashpad attend. Jared runs out of the house late and Dylan mistakes his hectic demeanor for him being high. He tells Jared to breath and calm down. He asks what Jared took just as Crashpad comes to check on Jared. Despite Dylan’s cruel remarks to beat it, Crashpad claims he just saw Jared in the kitchen.

Physical appearance

Dylan is a tall lanky teen with shoulder-length black hair and brown eyes. He wears baggy clothing.


He is a cruel and mean student who enjoys bullying Crashpad and mocking his fellow student. He is easily manipulated into leaving his target alone when drugs are leveraged against him. Despite his cold nature, Dylan shows concern for Jared when he appears disoriented and high while at his party.

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