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Episode 3 is the third episode of the first season of Trickster.


With Maggie missing, Jared is on his own to battle with Richie at home while trying to sort out the truth about Wade — only to be confronted by a dangerous new arrival, Georgina.


ared awakens with a start to the sound of glass breaking and bottles clinking. He looks out his window to see a monster eating out of the garbage cans. He looks away, but when he looks back, the monster is gone.

He eats cereal outside on the sofa and sees Sarah straightening up the knocked over cans. He goes inside and sits on the couch where he notices three swords, a crossbow, and a bow now mounted on the wall. Richie walks in front of him to ask what he thinks, to which Jared quips that he thinks Richie is overcompensating. Richie calls him a loser and asks where Maggie is. Jared doesn’t know or care, but Richie warns him to show respect. Jared quips that she’s looking for someone who doesn't smell. Richie tells him to stay somewhere else while Maggie is gone, and points a sword at his throat. The sword is blunt but that doesn’t stop Richie from hitting him over the head with the hilt. He proceeds to take a shower while singing the same song he always does.

Jared goes to school where anti-oil posters are plastered on the walls. He stops at his locker and struggles with the combination. Crashpad wanders over which scares him. He tells Crashpad what he saw last name about eating out of Sarah’s trash can. CrashPad thinks the dream could be a metaphor for his feelings for Sarah, but Jared shrugs it off. He doesn’t want to talk about Wade either as Wade ditched him at the last minute.

Maggie goes to the road where Wade’s motorcycle crashed. A splintered tree lays in the middle of the road. She shouts at imaginary people to stop talking, to shut up, and she knows where she’s going.

During PE, Jared spots Sarah sitting alone and walks over. He recommends fabric glue for her damaged shirt but she doesn’t think he can do any better. He sits next to her and begins to sew it perfectly, as he had to sew moccasins with his mom when he was younger. He asks if she saw anything weird last night but she didn’t. He asks about the homemade circles in the box next to her, and she explains that they’re protection headbands for the student protest tomorrow. He begins to pretend he has powers with it on until she tells him it’s to protest fossil fuels. He tells her that just because he isn’t an activist doesn't mean he doesn’t care, so she asks him what he cares about but he doesn’t know. They see Wade limping over to the fence. She calls him a creeper but Jared walks over.

Wade came to apologize for ditching him as it wasn’t cool. He was going to teach him how to drive the motorcycle but now he can’t as it’s totaled. He’s fine now that he has cigarettes. He asks if Jared talked to Maggie, but Jared hasn’t seen her yet. Wade knows Maggie ran him off the road, but doesn’t believe she was actually trying to kill him. More like aggravated assault. He notes that’s more her style. Jared thinks she had a good reason or at least one reason, which Wade thinks is passion. Jared doesn’t want to be pulled into their drama to which Wade finds fair. Wade just wants to make sure Maggie is fine and not spinning out. Jared explains she’s on a bender and when she runs out of money she’ll come back. He has to go to class but texts Maggie asking where she is.

Maggie wanders the woods with her gun in search of Wade. She hears rustling and points it at a woman who Maggie irritably greets as mom.

Crashpad and Jared play VR video games at his house but Jared is sketched out over Wade. He doesn't know what Wade wants. He hears his phone ding and checks it, but it’s Wade asking him to drink at Phil’s tonight. Jared blows him off as he has to work.

Georgina and the others are sitting in a trailer. She peels her fingernail off and Edna doesn't think they’ll last much longer. Georgina just wants to find them before Weeg’it.

Jared comes home to find Richie throwing out all his clothes and belongings. Richie angrily snaps that this is until Maggie comes home. He wants Jared to keep Wade away from Maggie, too. He threatens Jared with physical violence then punts his binder at him. He doesn’t care where Jared goes as long as he leaves. Jared collects his belongings which are now scattered across the lawn.

Sophia askins the rabbit she killed as Maggie wanders in asking for a drink. Sophia offers her tea but Maggie wants something stronger. She asks about Jared who is normal but Sophia wants to know how normal she is. Sophia gives her grief which Maggie doesn’t want - Sophia reminds her that she always takes but never gives. Maggie gives her the middle finger and storms out of the house.

Jared is leaving work when Tony gives him one last delivery. He rewards him for his good behavior and gives him the address. Jared rides the scooter out to Phil’s house, where a party is taking place. Wade appears on the steps smoking and disapproves of Jared’s formal attitude. He tells him to keep the extra money, but also invites JAred inside. Jared claims he’s fine but Wade insists on it.

Jared goes inside where he smokes with Phil and Wade. Wade asks about Sarah but Jared doesn’t want to talk about it. Phil and Wade give him conflicting advice - Phil tells Jared to play hard to get while Wade recommends pursuing her. Wade tells Jared to pretend to take an interest in what Sarah likes and ask questions. Phil informs them that Destiny is at her sisters as they had a fight. He’s drunk and nearly falls off his chair, so Jared helps him to bed as Phil professes his love for both Wade and Jared.

Wade offers Jared a nightcap with bitters. Jared states that Phil wasn’t always like this but Wade knows. Jared asks if Wade’s going to tell him the truth, but Wade assures him that Maggie should do that. She hasn’t shown up yet, either. Wade thinks Jared needs a break, and Jared gestures with his cup that this is his break. Wade tells Jared that his life belongs to him. Jared tries to quip back but begins to feel dizzy. He falls to the ground and Wade warns him that fighting it only makes it worse. Jared stands and stumbles inside where he locks the door. Wade knocks asking if he’s okay and to let him in, but Jared refuses. He begins to hallucinate dark veins under his eyes. He staggers awkward and falls into the tub.

He wakes the next morning in the tub with this jacket over him. He groggily stands and looks at his face which appears normal. He goes to the kitchen where Wade pours him a coffee, offering a seat at the table. He dishes out breakfast - silver dollar pancakes. Jared asks how he knew those are his favorite. Wade sets fruit on the pancakes and reminisces about being Jared’s age. His dad wasn’t around either as he died when he was about Jared’s age. Jared apologizes for the loss but Wade claims it was a long time ago. What happened to Jared is worse, as at least Wade knew his father, while Jared never got to know his father. Jared stands as he’ll be late for school and quickly leaves.

He tries to start his scooter but the batter has died. He checks the power line only to find that it has been unplugged. He checks his phone and sees that it’s Richie telling him to move his things or he’ll burn it. He calls the police to report an arson crime.

Sophia gathers survey stakes as she’s protesting the pipeline by making things harder for the workers. Maggie tells her that Jared’s biological father is back which surprises Sophia as she thought Phile was his father. Maggie explains that his name is Wade and that she killed him twice. But he keeps coming back. Sophia remarks that he has magic as he’s not one of them. He’s something else entirely.

Wade is parked in Jared’s driveway when Sarah wandres up to watch him collect Jared’s clothing from the lawn. He asks what’s going on to which Sarah explains that Jared and Richie aren’t getting along. He is surprised that Jared didn’t tell him, so Sarah remarks that if he wasn’t a stranger Jared would have talked to him. Wade appreciates her honesty.

Jared is walking home when a car pulls up asking if he wants a ride. She introduces herself as Georgina and he accepts the ride. He recognizes her and she knows Wade.

Wade loads the truck as Sarah asks why he abandoned his son. It’s a long story with no short answer, but he’s back to make up for lost time. He’s new to the father thing which she guesses isn’t going very well. He sits on the bed of the truck next to her and admits that he doesn’t know. He thinks he should ease off.

Jared and Georgina speed down the street with her carefree attitude making him uncomfortable. She asks how he knows Wade to which he claims that Wade is his dad’s friend, which she smirks over. He notices her skin crawling and freaks out, grabs the wheel, and pulls over into a ditch. She’s surprised he can see her, and he gets out of the car and runs away as she shouts for him to stop.

Sophia stocks wood and asks how they know Wade is a threat, but figures out that it’s the voices. Maggie explains that the voice tells her “he must die” and to “kill him”. Sophia doesn’t know who the voices belong to, but Maggie brushes it off as she’s had them as long as she can remember. Sophia wishes she knew that sooner, prompting Maggie toa ask if she should have asked when Sophia was passed out or spent two years in Fraiser Valley. Sophia knows she has a lot to make up for. Maggie wants her to help get rid of Wade, though Sophia recommends they start by figuring out what they’re dealing with.

A teacher watches ASMR videos while monitoring a test that Jared is late for. He sneaks in to sit by Crashpad who questions his tardiness. Jared asks if stress can make him see things, to which Crashpad thinks it could be. Jared worries that stress is the trigger for him to lose his mind. Everyone’s cell phones go off and Crashpad informs Jared that it’s a protest walk out.

Outside, students and adults gather to protest the pipeline addition. They sing and chant while drumming, raising signs to protest. Crashpad tells a nervous Jared to relax, just as Wade approaches with a box of headbands joined by Sarah. Jared tells Sarah to mind her own business. Wade sees why they are together. He then explains he got all the stuff Richie threw out and invites Jared to stay with him. Everyone around them collapses as part of the protest, while Jared walks away. Wade notices Georgina approaching.

Jared walks through the halls as Crashpad follows him. Jared sees Georgina behind Crashpad and runs away, though Crashpad nervously places the headband on.

Georgina knows he saw her which means Jared is Wade’s son, meaning that’s everything. A raven falls through the window pane in the ceiling and attacks Georgina, who swats it away. The raven shifts into Wade who attacks Georgina as Jared runs away. Wade attempts to talk to Jared but he isn’t interested and runs away, while Georgina wipes a bloodied mouth.

Jared goes home where he grabs a beer while Richie taunts him about not being welcome. Jared downs the beer in one swig and sits down, downing another while Richie shouts at him. He asks if Richie has ever seen stuff that shouldn’t be real but is. Richie sits up asking if he’s messing with him, but Jared isn’t. Richie pauses and then asks if he’s okay, to which Jared simply shakes his head. Richie tells him that he can stay for the night if he needs too. The police bang on the door to arrest Richard for arson. Richie angrily yells and bites at Jared, calling him a snitch.

The police arrest Richie just as Sarah approaches to ask what happened. Jared lies that it’s nothing and retreats back to his house. He texts someone just as all the lights in the house go off. He turns one his phone’s flashlight, trying the light switches which don’t work. He sorts through the mail to check the energy bill which has been paid. He notices a shadowy figure move outside the curtains.

Maggie comes into Sophia’s home to ask what she’s reading. Sophia has spent the last ten years talking to the elders until they passed, though she kept notes on everything. She shows Maggie a passage that explains what Wade is.

Jared sneaks out the back and is scared by Wade’s presence. Wade knew Jared was there - he could sense him.Jared asks what Wade is, to which he admits to being a trickster. Jared asks if he’s from the old stories to which Wade admits he is. Jared realizes that Wade has been messing with him this whole time, but Wade likes to think about it as getting to know each other. Maggie isn’t aware of anything as she has her own problems, though she is a witch.

Maggie realizes Wade is a trickster and is in disbelief as he’s a shapeshifter. She wants to know what he wants, to which Sophia suggests finding out.




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