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Episode 5 is the fifth episode of the first season of Trickster.


Jared struggles with the shock of knowing that he's a Trickster and must one day kill his own father. Maggie begrudgingly realizes she'll need Wade to take on Georgina.


Jared looks over his body where the feathers once were, while across town the ancients are beginning to die. Albert struggles to care for Georgia. Jared argues with Maggie who wants him to stay home, though his anger toward her for lying is evident. Wade enters with groceries, unworried about the ancients after what Maggie did to them. Wade and Maggie argue over the ancients while Jared leaves for school, Sophia opting to drive him. She apologizes for not being around for him or Maggie. He wonders why she left but she claims she was running from herself, she was angry after they took her to the school. While she's sober now, it was the hardest thing she ever had to do other than leaving Jared and Maggie. He's just glad to have her back. He goes inside when Sophia realizes that Albert is standing in front of her car.

Inside the school, Crashpad keeps his distance from Jared. Jared worries he told someone his secret but Crashpad didn't, though he doubts Jared is still himself. When Jared looks into the mirror after Crashpad leaves, his eyes are pure black, though they return to normal after a few moments. Wade wants Maggie to let him train Jared, as the Ancients are after him. They are from another realm and are desperate to return, but they need Trickster world to open the door between the worlds. Wade knows how to stay one step ahead of them and wants to teach Jared how to do that before he takes over, with Maggie knowing that means before Jared kills Wade. He claims he wants what's best for Jared, though Maggie punches him as she knows he's lying. This leads to a brutal fight between the two of them.

Jared arrives in class late and Dylan begins to bother him about drugs, getting on his nerves. The annoyance grows and he begins to remember turning into a raven. His grunting catches the attention of the teachers and students, but he leaves before anyone can talk to him. Sarah catches up with him outside of school though he claims he's fine. She insists on following him and gives him cinnamon to help him relax. He wants to leave the town so she offers to help him.

Maggie stands up and lunges at Wade though he throws her to the ground again, breaking a table. She attacks him with the leg of a chair and kicks him into cabinet to know him out, planning to give the Ancients a trickster.

Jared shares his plan to run away by selling E, which will get him a bus ticket out of Kitimat where he'll stay in a hostel before getting an apartment. Sarah reminds him that he'll need a security deposit, utilities deposit, and references since he's native. He realizes the stupidity of his plan and tells her an old saying his grandmother told him about hunting. He could never kill something. She tells him to take off his clothes.

Maggie calls Jared and warns him to stay in school until she picks him up. She puts Wade's body in an ice chest. In the woods, Jared and Sarah go swimming in the lake. Wade calls Maggie from the ice chest but she refuses to pull over as the Ancients want a Trickster, so she plans to give them one. He claims not to know where they are so she pulls over and shoots a shotgun at him through the chest to hurt him. He finally tells her the campground in which they're staying.

Albert brings Sophia to their trailer to show her the Ancients growing wounds. He wants her to sew new bodies onto them, presenting her with heads and a needle.

Jared and Sarah dry off on the rocks. She stayed with a woman for two years who taught her to swim. The woman wanted to adopt her until she died. Jared learned to swim when his mom threw him off a dock. He admits that he feels strange lately, a freak, but she assures him he's not one.

Maggie is pulled over by the police, Cal, and she flirts with him. He got a 911 call about a kidnapper with a description matching her truck, and a thumb on the ice chest forces him to look. When he opens the chest a raven flies out, so Cal lets her go.

Jared and Sarah walk down the shore and talk about their history, including a cemetary filled with Wolf and Frog clan members who died from Settler disease - the overnight death. Sarah thinks staying over last night was a mistake, though she doesn't regret it, but the foster family she's with are talking about getting rid of her. He asks her to leave to Vancouver with him as they can leave now. She kisses him happily.

Maggie arrives at the campsite just as Jared and Sarah buy their tickets to Vancouver with money she stole from her foster unit. He's having second thoughts but doesn't express them. Maggie stalks onto the campground with her shotgun and is shocked to see her mother helping the Ancients.

Sarah and Jared walk the dock to the ferry with her babbling about the trip until he stops her. He blurts out that he's a Trickster who sprouts feather, creatures are after him, and he has to kill his father in an ancient ceremony. She merely walks away so he heads back to shore. Sophia ensures Maggie the Ancients aren't the enemy, even though they do need Trickster blood to return to their realm. Only a Trickster can kill another Trickster, which is why Jared needs to kill Wade. Only Wade doesn't want to die, and Maggie realizes that Wade is going to kill Jared and runs off.

Jared returns home to find Wade at the table, telling him it's time. Though it's hard, it needs to be done as it's just the way it is. Wade tells him that he'll be free and with his father, but Jared isn't ready to let his father go as they don't know each other yet. He refuses to do it but Wade insists that he doesn't have a choice, so they hug. Maggie pulls into the driveway and runs into the house to find it empty, with Jared's phone on the counter. She grabs a crossbow and heads to the woods.

Jared and Wade walk through the woods in silence, Wade's hand on his shoulder. They are headed for the shore. Maggie run through the woods after them. The boys arrive at the shore, with Wade taking a broken pine twig and running it over Jared's back in the same way the elders did in the past. In a flashback a woman presents a young man to the water where a raven lands in the center of the lake, turning into Wade. In the present, Wade assures Jared that it will be okay. In a flashback, the boy meets Wade, who places the boys hand on his chest. They nod before the boy plunges Wade into the water to drown him. In the present, Jared has second thoughts as he doesn't want Wade to die. Wade reveals that for one of them to live the other must die, and he is not going to be the one to die - Jared is. In a flashback, a drowning Wade emerges from the lack and slashes the boys throat. In the present, Wade is about to kill Jared when an arrow shoots into Wade's shoulder. Maggie merges from the woods against Jared's protests. He tells her to stop but she shoots Jared in the stomach while Wade transforms into a raven and soars away.

Jared stagers through a land that is on fire, red smoke billowing around him. The shore of the lake is covered in broken wood and shards. As he looks down he sees skeletal remains littering the shore. He hears Maggie's voice faintly. Creatures move around him in the background. His limp body is wrapped in a tarp in the back of Maggie's truck bed. She drives to Phil's asking for his help as she closes the garage door and reveals Jared's body. He panics at first but she assures Phil that he isn't dead.

In a rest stop bathroom, Wade digs out the arrow tip from his shoulder. Maggie rummages through Phil's tools though he thinks she's high again. She rips out the arrow and Jared spits up blood everywhere. As he comes too he tells her about the dead place, in which Maggie leaves to call Sophia while Phil stays with Jared. Once alone, Maggie begins to cry until she breaks down into muffled sobs.





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