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Episode 6 is the sixth and final episode of the first season of Trickster. It also serves as the series finale, following CBC's decision to reverse their Season 2 order of Trickster.


Maggie and Jared are on the run, but an encounter with Wade causes Jared to accept that only he can stop his father.


Jared and Maggie drive through the woods, his wound now having completely healed leaving only a minor scar. He texts Sarah who is still in Kitimat while he’s headed to White Horse. Maggie emerges from the woods so he hangs up. In her room, Sarah removes the posters but sees a raven. In the car, Jared is annoyed with their lack of a plan but she refuses to give him a say.

They stop at a diner with him thinking they should split up which she disagrees with, so he asks about why she never told him that Grandma went to residential school. She notes that it was the past but she’s going to try and get her act together. Maggie decides they will dine-and-dash since they’re low on money, concocting a plan she thinks will work.

He goes outside to get the car, but sees Wade stalking toward him and tries to flee. The truck won’t start. The ancients run from behind the truck just as Wade shifts and flies off. The ancients are joined by Sophia. The group has been following them in an attempt to keep Jared safe. Maggie refuses to let them help and leaves the group to pay the diner bill. Wade goes to Jared and Maggie’s home and takes some medication. He starts to throw-up blood much to his horror.

Maggie, Jared, Sophia, and the ancients meet with them wanting Jared to follow through with killing Wade. They claim he doesn’t have a choice with Sophia adding that it will restore the balance. Jared knows he’s the only one who can end things and agrees to kill Wade, much to Maggie’s annoyance.

Georgina helps Jared prepare for his fight against Wade and they talk about what it means to restore balance and their roles in all of that. While Wade didn’t start the trouble they now face, he did get caught in it. Sophia asks Maggie if she’s going to support Jared, with Maggie countering that she needs her mother’s support. Sophia thinks the ancient’s plan will work and that Jared is a great kid, though Maggie worries he’s too soft.

Wade gets Jared’s scent from a hoodie and puts it on.

As everyone settles for food, Maggie offers the dine and dash plan to Jared again but he refuses. She shoves him against the trailer and tries to get him to fight her as proof that he isn’t ready to fight or hurt Wade. She storms off into the woods and argues with the spirits in her head, who want her to cut Wade up and cast him far. She hears Jared calling for her but when she rounds a tree it’s Wade instead. At the campground, Sophia and Jade talk about Maggie being right - that he can’t handle killing his father. Wade calls Jared to tell him that he’s kidnapped Maggie, who doesn’t want him to do anything but stay away. Wade threatens to hurt her if he doesn’t come home.

Edna, Georgina, and Sophia convince Jared to stay at the camp while Sophia and the female ancients leave to help Maggie. They leave Albert with Jared. At the house, Wade and Maggie drink as they talk about his past and why he wants to live so long without anyone to share his life. He knew she was a witch when they met. He notes that he likes Jared and doesn’t want to kill Jared but he has no choice. He thinks the point of living is to survive.

Jared goes to Crashpad’s with Albert, asking if they can stay for a bit. Georgina gives Sophia ingredients to help cast a protection spell for Maggie while trapping Wade inside the house. They will then bring Jared to pen the North Door. Maggie hears voices in Haisla that tell her what to say for the spell. At Crashpad's, the men play videogames as Sarah arrives outside. Crashpad gives the male ancient the controller and teaches him how to play while Jared sneaks out. Maggie and the female ancients enter the house but instantly know something is wrong. They hear banging from the hallway. Jared and Sarah walk down the street together with her saying goodbye, as child services caught up with her. He offers to go talk somewhere. At the house, the ancients and Sophia find a locked freezer container which Maggie is trapped inside. Wade has escaped. Sarah and Jared walk to his drug trailer and when he goes ahead, her eyes snap black and back to normal.

Once inside the trailer, Jared attacks Sarah who is really Wade in a shifted form, though Wade defends himself. Maggie runs to Sarah’s house but she hasn’t seen Jared in a few days. In the trailer, Jared tries to bargain with Wade who thinks the deal is a good one but he can’t accept it as he’s already dying. At Sarah’s, Maggie realizes that Jared is with Wade and asks where Jared would take Sarah. The ancients search in the woods for Jared.

Wade tells Jared that the stronger he becomes the weaker Wade becomes, though Jared doesn’t understand how he’s getting stronger. He emotionally asks why he didn’t just kill him before they met, but Wade had to be sure they were both tricksters. He attacks Jared in a chokehold, though Jared escapes and uses a nail gun to pin Wade’s feet to the ground.

In the woods, the women realize the North Door is opening as strong gusts of wind blow. Jared rises to his feet and restates that he isn’t like Wade. Wade recounts the trauma he endured and how he felt that in order to keep their culture alive he had to stay alive. Maggie enters the trailer to try and encourage Jared to kill Wade but Jared thinks they can find a way for them all to live. Maggie covers Wade in lighter fluid and burns him alive, leaving only skeletal remains.

Jared goes to Phil’s house where he sees that Wade left his bag on the couch. Maggie arrives to ask if he’s going back to school or coming home, but Jared wonders if they are arch enemies. He’s annoyed that Maggie killed Wade, though Maggie smirks that she merely contained Wade and presents a jar full of ashes. It will take Wade years to regenerate. She wants him to scatter Wade’s ashes and come home, or at least text Sarah back. She mysteriously notes that Sarah is trouble. Before she leaves, Maggie invites Jared to family dinner now that Sophia is staying with them.

At the campground, the ancients are packing the car when Sophia arrives. Georgina extends the offer to come with them to find the other ancients who are without skins, one emerging from the trailer shyly. Georgina explains that the voices Sophia heard were her ancestors and that she can hear them too. She wants Sophia to come with them to show her everything they know. At Tasty Bucket, Crashpad and Jared talk about Wade and his plans for the future. Crashpad pours the ashes into a pepper shaker, offering the idea of separating the ashes further. When he puts the shaker down, it is yanked to the jar. They record the magnetism and laugh but agree to scatter the ashes.

Maggie is cooking when Richie emerges and they talk flirtatiously. She tells him he can’t stay with her even though she bailed him out of jail. She then kisses him but turns down his offer of a drink. Sophia comes in and meets Richie silently. Maggie knows she’s leaving and is upset, though Sophia believes she’s on a path that she has to follow. This angers Maggie who tells her to just leave, though Sophia hopes her daughter finds her path too.

Jared goes to school to join an AA meeting with other addicts. Georgina and Edna stand at the barrier where the North Door used to be, having missed their chance to go home. Georgina doesn’t think they can trust Jared so Edna proposes that next time, they force the boy to kill the father. Georgina wants to close the North Door forever when the time comes by ending the Trickster bloodline.

Jared walks to Sarah’s which has a police car and service workers escorting her out. She isn’t leaving by choice nor will the Indian Agents tell her. She emotionally says they want to send her to residential school but can’t. She kisses Jared and fireflies appear again but he has no idea how he’s doing it. She is escorted away but the fireflies follow her and she realizes that she is the one summoning the fireflies. She gets into the van and Jared stands in the street to watch her leave.

He goes to the bridge with Wade’s ashes but doesn’t scatter them. Maggie sits at home with a drink and a cigarette. Jared is on a bus and removes the jar of Wade’s ashes, holding them in his lap.





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