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Georgina is a supporting character in Trickster. She is an ominous woman who appears in Jared's life after Wade's mysterious return to Kitimat.



In Episode 2, Georgina spots Wade and Jared on Wade's motorcycle while they are stopped at a red light. She confronts him in a bar that night. She recognizes him as Weeg’it, but he corrects that his name is Wade now. Edna, the woman behind Georgina, makes her presence known. Their faces are red and scabbed. Wade knows the man is Albert and asks about their new skins, which marks it easier for them to pass. Wade knows that will only last for a few days by the looks of them. Georgina asks why Wade has returned, to which he lies that he needed a new scene. Albert thinks it’s odd that Wade has come back in his condition. Georgina asks about the boy, to which Wade lies that Jared is just a friend. Georgina warns that they have been waiting a long time and will not let Wade wiggle his way out. He assures them that when the time comes, he will do the right thing. He reminds them that no one knows when that will happen.

In Episode 3, Georgina and the others are sitting in a trailer. She peels her fingernail off and Edna doesn't think they’ll last much longer. Georgina just wants to find them before Weeg’it.

Jared is walking home when a car pulls up asking if he wants a ride. She introduces herself as Georgina and he accepts the ride. He recognizes her and she knows Wade.

Jared and Georgina speed down the street with her carefree attitude making him uncomfortable. She asks how he knows Wade to which he claims that Wade is his dad’s friend, which she smirks over. He notices her skin crawling and freaks out, grabs the wheel, and pulls over into a ditch. She’s surprised he can see her, and he gets out of the car and runs away as she shouts for him to stop.

She tracks Jared to his high school, where both Wade and Jared spot her. Jared runs into the school to hide from her. Georgina knows he saw her which means Jared is Wade’s son, meaning that’s everything. A raven falls through the window pane in the ceiling and attacks Georgina, who swats it away. The raven shifts into Wade who attacks Georgina as Jared runs away. Wade attempts to talk to Jared but he isn’t interested and runs away, while Georgina wipes her bloodied mouth.

Physical appearance[]

Georgina presents herself as an indigenous woman with shoulder-length, straight, black hair and brown eyes. Her skin is always peeling or appears badly burned. Her nails fall off with a simple touch, and her skin itself appears infected in blotches. She is able to maintain a healthy appearance with great difficulty.


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