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Phil is a supporting character in Trickster. He is Jared's deadbeat father, whose patronage to Jared is questioned with the return of Phil's old friend, Wade.[1]


In Episode 1, Jared visits Phil who invites him in for company. Jared gives him money for rent and clothes but nothing else, sparking Phil to remind Jared that he’s off the painkillers. He pockets the money anyway, explaining that this is only until his disability cheques are increased. Phil’s girlfriend, Destiny, comes out of the bedroom but retreats to the bathroom to vomit. He remarks that the only woman that could keep up with him was Jared’s mother. Jared assures Phil that Maggie is unaware of Jared's visits.

Jared bikes to Phil's house again to find him arguing on the phone while also planning a party with the same caller. He notices Jared’s demeanor and Jared carefully asks for some of the extra cash he gave him back. Destiny approaches and asks Jared to hold out his hand for a surprise. She drops a pregnancy test in his hand, announcing that she’s pregnant and that he’s going to be a brother. Jared is surprised and tells Phil to ignore his request about giving the money back. Before he can leave, Phil asks for more money now that he’s going to be a father. Jared nervously tells Phil that he'll see what he can do.

Physical appearance[]

Phil is a middle-aged man of moderate height with dark brown hair and round brown eyes. Despite his alleged patronage to Jared, he bears little resemblance to the teenager. Phil wears baggy jeans, a sweatshirt, and an old band shirt.


Phil is the definition of a deadbeat father who lingers in his child's life. His partying nature takes claim over most of his whims. He doesn't hesitate to take money from Jared, and even asks him for more when he learns that he's "going to be a father now." According to Maggie, Phil is a user beyond his former addiction to painkillers.

Episode appearances[]


  • Phil is on disability for an injured back.