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Richie is a recurring character in Trickster. He is Maggie's drug dealer.[1]


In Episode 1, Richie sends his dog Baby killer after Jared in the hopes it will scare Maggie into settling her drug debts. The dog is suddenly hit by a red pickup truck. Jared is surprised to see his mom driving the vehicle. Richie angrily sprints after the car. He shouts at Jared's mom for killing his dog and demands his money.

Jared goes to work at the Tasty Bucket when Richie pulls up and points a gun at Jared. He pulls the trigger, but Jared is relieved when it's just a water gun. Richie advises him to talk some sense into his mom. Maggie owes him two grand for the coke. But he's rounding up to three for the cost of his dog. He gives Jared three days to pay the fee, or he will kill his mother.

A few days later, Jared finds Richie's trailer scorched and hurries home to find spilled milk, a knocked-over chair, and his home in disarray. Richie emerges from the hallway looking high and angry while holding a hammer. Jared slips on the milk in an attempt to run away, just as Maggie comes out of the hall. She explains that she found an alternative way to pay off her debts. The house is a mess is because of her alternative payments. She and Richie also worked together to make his trailer fire look like an accident for the sake of earning the insurance money that she and Richie will split 50/50. Maggie tells Jared that Richie is staying with them for a while since he's virtually homeless, much to Jared’s disgust.

Physical appearance[]

Richie is an older man with stringy blonde hair and unkempt facial hair. He has brown eyes and a muscular build, though his body is covered in tattoos. He has a few facial tattoos along his temple. He usually dresses in messy clothing that reflects his status as a drug dealer.


A condescending man and the classic bad influence, Richie is a dangerous drug dealer whose erratic behavior borders on sociopathy. He demands payment for his services and doesn't hesitate to threaten Jared to get through to Maggie on how serious he is.

Episode appearances[]