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Sarah is a a major character in Trickster. She is an orphan living next door to Jared, with a rebellious spirit and unconventional fashion style.[1]


Sarah is a foster child who moves in across the street from Jared. Sarah is a socially conscious activist, a natural-born rebel, and an unconventional fashionista. Sarah's on a mission to find her birth parents and moves from foster home to foster home in an effort to track them down. She's convinced she's going to find them one day and learn the truth — that she's special. Jared takes an immediate liking to Sarah, but it's complicated. It's through Sarah that Jared's Trickster powers first begin to bloom.[2]


In Episode 1, Sarah moves in with a new foster family, the Jack's. Her arrival is witnessed by a curious Jared. He sees her again the next day carrying a slab of bloodied meat to the trash. This time, she seems to be sparkling with a golden aura. He is mesmerized, and he watches her throw away a slab of meat that she quickly explains is spoiled moose meat. Jared notes that she just moved in with the Jacks’ family, which is a foster home. He points out that she had blue hair the other day, to which she agrees. She asks what the town is like, but Jared responds that it's boring. A honking oil truck blares past them. Sarah gives the truck the middle finger and asks if Jared knows there is a direct link between the industrial exploitation of land and violence against indigenous women, which he didn't know. As they talk, she reveals this is her third foster home this year, so she figures she will be gone by Thanksgiving. She then retreats inside.

Physical appearance[]

Sarah is a young teenager with brown eyes, a moderate build, and ever-changing hair colors. She has a bold and fun fashion sense that shows off both her activism and feminine sides.


A mysterious girl who doesn't offer up personal information, Sarah keeps Jared on his toes. She is an outspoken activist who is aware of the injustices against her people, and does her best to protest them regardless of her housing situation.

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