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Tony is a minor character in Trickster. He is the manager of the Tasty Bucket.


In Episode 1, Tony helps Jared remove Maggie from a customer at the Tasty Bucket. He makes sure the customer is okay and profusely apologizes while Jared talks to his mother. When she leaves, Tony pulls Jared aside and reprimands him for his mother’s behavior. This isn’t the first time she has brought her crazy to the Tasty Bucket. He can’t risk it happening again and fires Jared.

Physical appearance[]

Tony is a short man with receding black hair, bushy eyebrows, and brown eyes.


Tony is a hard-working manager whose patience wears thin with Jared when his mother continues to "bring her crazy" to the Tasty Bucket. He doesn't want to fire Jared but feels it is the best move for his business.

Episode appearances[]