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The point of living is not to share it with others, the point of living is to survive, that's it.

Wade to Maggie

Wee'git,[1] also known as Wade, is a a major character in Trickster. An enigmatic figure, Wade is a trickster spirit of Indigenous legend. He has resurfaced in the world after years of absence with an ulterior plot in mind for his biological son, Jared.[2]


Wade is Jared's biological father, and a mythical Trickster. Hundreds of years old, Wade thinks he's way cooler than he is. Snug jeans, leather jacket, motorcycle. He's as friendly as he is cocky, as scheming as he is charming, as likeable as he is slippery. Maggie and Wade are eternally at odds — so of course they're still hot for each other. Wade claims to be back in Jared's life because he wants to get to know his son, but his true aim is far more selfish and sinister. His scheme complicates with the simple fact that the more he gets to know Jared, the more he cares about him.[3]


Wade is a trickster who has lived for hundreds, if not thousands, of years. He presents himself as a black raven who communicates with those with the ability to hear him.


In Episode 1, Wade carries a newborn baby through the woods. Maggie limps behind him, yelling for him to give back her baby. She tries to follow him further, but Wade stops, turns around, and his eyes snap black then back to normal. She is frightened so he keeps walking. Maggie screams out in protest, causing him to turn around. He begins to cough up blood as his eyes bleed. He falls to the ground and she walks over as he continues to bleed. She takes the baby from his arms and walks away crying, leaving the man at the base of the tree.

Jared sits at a bus stop with his bike, which has a deflated tire. Wade emerges from the run-down shack asking for directions. He remarks that the more things change, the more they stay the same, but Jared doesn’t pay him much attention. The man asks if he grew up here, but Jared scoffs him off and gets his bike to walk the rest of the way. When he looks over his shoulder, all that remains is a raven.

In Episode 2, Wade and Jared see each other once again at a grocery store, this time in the presence of Phil and Crashpad. Phil introduces the boys to his friend, Wade, who is the same man Jared saw at the bus stop. Wade recognizes Jared as Maggie’s son, to which Phil explains that the three of them were close back in the day. But Wade has been gone close to twenty years now. Wade alleges that he sees the resemblance between Wade and Phil. Crashpad and Phil wander off, leaving Wade to admit that Jared doesn’t look anything like Phil. He cryptically states that Jared has Wade’s eyes. A confused Jared tries to understand, but Wade merely smirks. He tells Jared to ask his mom about it before leaving.

Jared and Crashpad attend Phil's party that night. They notice the visible age difference between them and the rest of the partygoers. They stand by a fire, where Crashpad admits that Wade is cool. He clarifies that while Phil is cool, it's different from Wade. Wade wanders up to them, asking if Jared and Crashpad are drunk yet or not. He wants to show Jared his motorcycle in the garage.

Jared is clueless about motorcycles, so Wade offers to take him riding before he flies to Vancouver. Jared refuses the offer. Wade asks what his mom said about their resemblance, but Jared admits that Maggie is clueless that they spoke. He refuses to believe that Wade is his father, as his mom has no reason to lie about Phil being his father. Wade admits that Phil was mature and loved Maggie, so she did what was best for Jared and lied. The topic of Maggie being crazy surfaces. Jared hopes her crazy is not hereditary. Wade presses that if Jared hears voices or other strange things, he can tell him. Jared lies about not having heard anything. Wade asks if Jared knows that his grandma Sophia was sent to a residential school. Sophia passed her baggage onto Maggie, which explains her situation, though that does not mean Jared has to bear it. Jared is surprised that Grandma Sophia was a member of the residential school. Wade ominously states that Jared is clueless about a lot - including when he was born. Jared knows he was born in the back of a pickup truck, but Wade retorts that Jared doesn’t know half of it. Jared quips that Wade doesn't either, but he does as he was there. Phil stumbles in with beers. Wade makes a toast in Haisla, with a saying that means “know thyself”.

Maggie drives down the street at night and remembers giving birth. In a flashback, Maggie is laboring in the bed of her truck with Wade helping her. The baby is born, and Maggie holds him close to her as Wade wraps him in his jacket. He sits Maggie up, and she hands him the baby. Wade stands and begins to carry the baby away with him into the woods. She shouts after him demanding to know where he’s going. Maggie tries to walk after him despite having just given birth. Wade stops and turns to look at her as she demands her baby. His eyes flash black at her, though Maggie continues to follow him. She screams at him ferociously, and he begins to cough up blood. Maggie staggers forward as Wade falls to his knees, his eyes bleeding. She takes her baby back and leaves him by the tree, sputtering blood. She sobs as she carries her baby away.

In the present, Maggie arrives at Phil's house, where she sees Wade on the steps. She remarks that she killed him. He states that Maggie looks good. She asks what he is, but he coolly says that he just came to see his son. Maggie retorts that Jared is her son and not Wade's. He remembers them being good together, but she feigns forgetting their relationship. She presses that she barely remembers him at all. She came to warn him to stay away from her and Jared, or she will kill him for good. She turns and leaves as he smiles after her.

The next morning, Phil talks to Jared about Wade. Phil explains that Wade, Maggie, and himself were tight back in the day, but Wade moved to Vancouver before Jared was born. Wade always thought he was too big for the city of Kitimat. He trusts Wade as he’s a good guy, even though he plays up the cool act. Wade pulls up, trying to get Jared to go for a ride with him. He’s reluctant at first, but Phil urges him to try it. Wade tosses him a helmet, and they drive away.

They stop at a light, and an older woman stares at Wade then watches him speed away. Wade takes them to a cliff that overlooks the river. Jared tells him what his mom said about him being jealous of Phil, to which Wade agrees - but only because Phil got to raise him. Wade knows Jared needs proof and offers to give it to him. Jared follows Wade into the woods. Wade remembers the stars being out the night Jared was born. They were driving to the hospital, but Jared was eager to come out. Wade pulled over, laid a sleeping bag on the truck, and out came Jared. He cut the umbilical cord with a Leatherman. He shows him a tree with a face carved into it as proof that he was there that night. Wade turns to Jared and calls him son.

Maggie is in a bar playing pool with Richie when Wade saunters in with his pool cues. She reminds him of her warning, and Wade asks if Jared knows who Maggie is. Maggie doesn’t want him to know anything, and Wade threatens to tell him. She kisses him as a ruse to pull a clump of his hair out.

A woman stands at the pool table, the same woman who saw him at the stoplight earlier in the day. She recognizes him as Weeg’it, but he corrects that his name is Wade now. Edna, the woman behind Georgina, makes her presence known. Their faces are red and scabbed. Wade knows the man is Albert and asks about their new skins, which marks it easier for them to pass. Wade knows that will only last for a few days by the looks of them. Georgina asks why Wade has returned, to which he lies that he needed a new scene. Albert thinks it’s odd that Wade has come back in his condition. Georgina asks about the boy, to which Wade lies that Jared is just a friend. Georgina warns that they have been waiting a long time and will not let Wade wiggle his way out. He assures them that when the time comes, he will do the right thing. He reminds them that no one knows when that will happen.

The next morning, Wade arranges to take Jared on another motorcycle ride. Maggie sits on the clearing speaking an incantation in Heiltsuk over a small fire, while Wade drives through the windy roads. She drops the clump of Wade’s hair in the fire and continues chanting. She breaks a twig over the fire and Wade swerves off the road.

In Episode 5 Wade takes Jared to the beach as the tradision say so Jared could kill him. in the same time Maggie is visiting the skin walker and found ouut that the only thing that can really kill a trickster is another trickster, the skin walkers also tells her that Wade isnt planing on dying.she quickly understand the meaning take a crossbow and hurry to the beach just a few moments before Wade kills Jared and she shoot both with the crossbow. killing Jared

Physical appearance[]

Wade is a mysterious man with dark black hair and brown eyes. He wears tight jeans, a leather jacket, and combat boots. He also dons several forms of jewelry, including rings and necklaces.


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